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The Nine CVIR Manuscript Submission Types and What You Should Know About Them


Manuscript Types and What They Mean

What kind of manuscript are you submitting to CVIR? The CVIR submission site allows authors to submit the following nine manuscript types:

  • Clinical Investigation ~ Details studies involving human subjects.
  • Laboratory Investigation ~ Details studies involving animal subjects.
  • Scientific Paper (Other) ~ Is not clinical or laboratory investigations, but fit into the Scientific Paper category, such as Meta-Analyses and Systematic Reviews.
  • Technical Note ~ Articles that detail novel techniques and discuss their application in experimental or clinical settings.
  • Case Report ~ Provides detailed treatments of specific patients.
  • Work in Progress ~ Brief communication about ongoing works that are of particular interest to CVIR’s readership.
  • Letter to the Editor ~ Unstructured opinion or comment in letter format; typically regarding a previously published paper, and generally includes five or less references.
  • Review Article ~ Examines the progress of treatment and techniques over a specified time.
    • Note: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses are not considered Review Articles; these should be submitted as a Scientific Paper (Other).


For an overview of all Manuscript Types click here.


The All-Important Abstract

Some of the above manuscript types require a structured Abstract; some only require a simple Abstract, and some require no Abstract at all. So… What’s the difference between a structured Abstract and a simple Abstract?

  • A structured Abstract ~ has a limit of 250 words. The term “structured” indicates that the Abstract should be separated into brief paragraphs with headings that match the sections of the rest of the paper (e.g., Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion).
  • A simple Abstract ~ has a limit of 125 words and should consist of one paragraph detailing the content of the paper.


For additional information regarding specific manuscript requirements, visit the Springer CVIR website Instructions for Authors and expand the section titled “Types of Papers” to download a useful PDF Table.


If you have any other submission questions, please contact the Journal’s Editorial Office (JEO) using the “Contact Us” function in the main menu of Editorial Manager (