Do you have an idea for a good Review Article submission? We at CVIR endeavour to select Review Article topics that are current and of outmost interest to our readership.

A good review article should be presented in an orderly manner and divided by subheadings into sections dealing with all facets of the topic under review. Outcomes data should be summarised in tables, and salient data highlighted in the text. Authors should provide an objective overview of the implications of the outcomes data, and state where the data is of good quality, and where it is relatively deficient. A Review Article should provide a summarising paragraph stating the important facts (or take-home points) of the article. Only relevant images should be included.

Please note that any article that involves either a systematic review or a meta-analysis is not a Review Article; these should be submitted as either a Clinical Investigation or Laboratory Investigation.


Submission guidelines for Review Article:

  • - Words: max. 3000 words
  • - Structure:
      Simple abstract (125 words) 
      Format will vary
      Images/Tables (if any)
      Images/figures: max 10


Please submit your Review Article directly into CVIR's manuscript submission site (