A Few Do's and Don'ts of Submission


Here, for your information, are our "Do" and "Don't" suggestions for submitting your manuscript.


…Make sure that properly designate each uploaded document.

The system is at the mercy of the author, so stay aware... I have seen authors designate a submitted figure as the main manuscript text (Clean text and tables); and designate another figure as “supplemtary material” and then a Table as the "Title Page," and upload three more figures — appropriately — as "Images." Amazingly, although no actual manuscript text or title page had been uploaded, the author was able to successfully submit this collection of images without ever providing the manuscript text, because the system concluded that all of the necessary and required document types had been received! A submission like this will simply be sent back to the submitting author for correction – that’s wasted time.


…Be considerate. Double-space your manuscript and include one-inch margins.

These basic steps make it easier for the editorial office to scroll through and view the text and calculate pages. Double-spacing your text also eases the strain on reviewers when they are evaluating your manuscript. We certainly want to keep them comfortable and happy, right?


...Follow the rules on the word count of each manuscript type.

Please note that if your manuscript is over the word count, the Editorial Team will send you the manuscript back to shorten it.


...Follow the rules on figures and figure legends.

Figures together with figure legends must be placed at the end of the manuscript, after references. Additionally, please upload figures and images in high resolution separately in the system when submitting your manuscript.



…Include acknowledgments in your manuscript text.

Rather, include your acknowledgments at the bottom of your separately-submitted Title Page (feel free to name names here, as the title page is not viewable by our reviewers).


…Submit in PDF format any documents that are for review (such as main text, tables, images, etc.).

All items for review should be submitted preferably in .doc, .rtf, .tif, .jpg, .eps, .mov, or .mp4 format. Other formats may be considered, but the aforementioned formats are definitely most accepted by the system.


…Leave any co-authors off your list during the submission process.

All authors are notified when a manuscript is received, and when a decision is made on a manuscript. If a co-author is left out of the list upon submission, we will return the manuscript to the author’s Submission Center for correction. Also, all authors provided in the online list of authors should match (in spelling and order) the names of the authors provided in the uploaded Title Page.


…Forget to thoroughly review your PDF proof before clicking “Submit.”

Before you click “Submit,” please make sure that your submission is completely blinded for review, and that all uploaded documents / figures / tables appear correctly in the PDF. If anything needs to be changed, make sure to edit, delete, or upload any necessary files.