Publish Open Access

Publishing open access makes your work freely, immediately and permanently available online for everyone, worldwide.

Publishing open access benefits: authors, readers and funders.

Authors: As an author your work reaches a wider readership, therefore the visibility of your work increased visibility

Readers: As a reader you will have full access to the latest research and will enhance your knowledge on the most recent developments in the field

Funders: As a funder the work you endorse will be accessible to everyone, in all corners of the world.

If you wish to publish your article open access, take a look at institutional agreements because authors from the Netherlands, Austria, Austria, Sweden and form the Max Plank Society can publish Open Access free of charge:

Dutch authors - Agreement with the Association of Dutch Universities and Academy Institutes

UK authors - Open access agreement for UK authors

Max Planck Society affiliated authors - Agreement with Max Planck Society

Austrian authors - Open access agreement for Austrian authors

Swedish authors - Open access agreement for Swedish authors