Thank you to our reviewers!

CVIR would like to extend its gratitude to all reviewers for providing their expertise and indispensable contributions throughout the years. Reviewers are instrumental in maintaining and enhancing the high quality of articles published in our journal.

We look forward to your future contributions.


How to become a CVIR reviewer

Become a reviewer for the most established journal for interventional radiology by sending your C.V. and areas of interest to the CVIR Editorial Office at

Personal Classifications

Once you have been accepted as a reviewer by the Editor-in-Chief, you will receive an email confirming you have been registered in Editorial Manager, the online submission website of CVIR. Please select thoroughly the appropriate areas of expertise/interest by selecting the necessary keywords in “Personal Classifications” section in your user profile in Editorial Manager. This will help the Editor to to only invite you to review manuscripts within your areas of expertise.

In case you already provided your personal classifications, we ask you to kindly check their correctness once again to be sure that your expertise is properly valued. To do so please visit the Editorial Manager website.


Why become a CVIR reviewer

Some of the great benefits of being a reviewer are:


  1. You will have a chance to get recognised within the field and expand your knowledge.
  2. You can include reviewer experience in your CV/resume.
  3. You will grow professionally by updating your knowledge and expertise within the field.
  4. Your critical thinking and eye for details skills – both essential for research and professional development – will be fostered.
  5. You will read the latest research before everyone else and be able to constructively improve the published works in IR with you assessment.


Reviewer Guidelines

By being a reviewer, you will stay up to date on the latest developments in interventional radiology (IR). You will not only benefit on a personal and educational level, but you will also provide a service to the IR community. Being a good reviewer is not an easy boat to navigate, regardless of your reviewing experience. To help you navigate efficiently and effectively the world of peer-review have a look a this peer review tutorial.


Review a manuscript

If you were recently invited to review a manuscript and have decided to accept it, you can access the manuscript by logging into Editorial Manager.

Many thanks for your contribution!