Page/Word Counts


Page / Word Counts: Do They Really Count?

The “Types of Papers” section in our CVIR Instructions For Authors, which can be found at the Springer CVIR site, includes a downloadable PDF table that details the acceptable manuscript types. Most of the details in the PDF are indeed requirements, but one area in particular is better described as a “guideline” rather than a requirement.


Maximum #Pages/ #Words

The PDF’s Table 2 has a “Maximum #pages/ #words (Main Text)” column that shows, for example, “Max. 8 pages/2400 words” for Clinical Investigations.

These numbers should be followed as closely as possible, and authors should remain succinct and to-the-point in all of the main text. However, in some instances, the authors may need more description or discussion than this limit provides.


Who Has the Final Say?

Our esteemed reviewers and Editors ultimately have the “final say” in evaluating the length and quality of a manuscript. If a submitted manuscript exceeds the page limits outlined in the CVIR Instructions, but the paper is deemed reviewable by the Editorial Office after it is submitted, it will likely be sent out for review. Keep in mind, though, that significantly excessive page and word counts can affect the ultimate decision on your submission.


Please be aware that our page counts are based on double-spaced text with one-inch-wide margins.

The following sections are not considered in Page/Word Counts:

  • References
  • COI/Ethical/Consent Statements
  • Figures
  • Tables

If you have any questions or concerns about the length of your manuscript, please contact the Editorial Office at