The Title Page Challenge

Missing Author Names? Incorrect Author Spellings? Incorrect Author Order? Check Before You Submit!

When you submit your manuscript to CVIR, the Editorial Manager system requires that you enter each co-author’s name and contact information in the submission site. When you upload your complete Title Page with author details, ALL authors must be in included on the Title Page, in the exact same order and the exact same spelling as the the list you’ve provided in the submission site. Since blinded reviewers do not see this Title Page, the submitting author is solely responsible for ensuring that the Title Page is complete and correct.


Why So Strict?

If your manuscript is reviewed and ultimately accepted, we’ll send it to our Production Team, with your Title Page as-is. This means that if you have left out a key author’s name; or an author’s first/last name is spelled incorrectly or switched around; or if the authors’ listed order is incorrect; or a mistaken author name is included when it shouldn’t have been, then it will certainly complicate the next steps in the publication process.

If any of the above happens, below are two potential subsequent scenarios.


Scenario 1: Mistakes In The Author Name(s) Are Found During The Proofs Stage

After acceptance, the manuscript Proofs are sent to the corresponding author for review/correction/approval.  If the author finds a problem with the list of authors and wants to add or remove a co-author from the proofs or change the co-authors’ order, then the following is required, along with the proofs changes:

  1. An emailed verification indicating that all listed authors are in agreement with any provided author changes.
  2. If an author is added: Add the author's conflict of interest information to the Conflict of Interest statement in the manuscript text.
  3. If an author is removed: A letter of confirmation from the author who is being removed.
  4. After any author changes have been made: Confirmation that the new order and spelling of all authors is correct.


Scenario 2: Mistakes In The Author Name(s) Are Found After Online First Publication

After acceptance, the manuscript Proofs are sent to the corresponding author for review/correction/approval. If the author misses any mistakes in the list of authors, but moves forward with approving the proofs, then the article will be published as-is. Once the article is published Online First, it is officially published and cannot be changed. If any mistakes in author name(s) are found AFTER publication, the four requirements listed above are still required, and the author must provide a written correction paragraph, which will be used as an erratum to accompany the article.

As you can see from the above scenarios, what may just appear to be a minor mistake or correction to your author list actually entails quite a lot of effort and detail. Our advice to all authors is simple: Before you submit, be thorough; confirm your list of authors with everyone involved.